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Guide Dog Training and the Benefits of using the Tellington TTouch Method

At June’s International Federation of Guide Dog Schools Conference in London, Elizabeth Roe and Jane Madigan gave a presentation on exploring the use of the Tellington TTouch method within a guide dog training program. Read more ‣

Sensory Enhanced Learning

We have all witnessed the sometimes remarkable changes in dogs following a few minutes of TTouch™ body work or leading exercises through the Confidence Course™. Often a hyperactive, unfocused dog quickly becomes calm, relaxed, and able to follow commands. While we can easily observe the outward changes in a dog’s behavior or posture, explaining how these shifts occur is not always so simple. Read more ‣

Little things can make a difference

You can never get bored working with animals there is usually something around the corner that provides another opportunity to learn, laugh, scratch your head or ask yourself why didn’t I think of that earlier. It is easy to get lost in a particular issue and in doing so not always see the little things that are right under you nose! It’s those simple little things that can often make a difference. Read more ‣

Guide Dog Gemma

Following the earthquake in early September, I went to Christchurch to meet with some of the Guide Dog teams that had been affected by the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Guide dog services arranged for me to visit with several teams as w.. Read more ‣

What to wear?

There are many different types of equipment that can be used to help and support the training of a dog. Equipment ranges from something the dog wears or is attached to such as a collar and lead, or a clicker which is a tool used in training. .. Read more ‣


Jamie, our 16.1hh Thoroughbred gelding, has completed a three-month course of Bach Flower remedies, under the direction of Elizabeth Roe.

horse treatmentI have been amazed at the results achieved over this time and the emotional change in Jamie is profound.

Jamie had suffered a series of emotionally damaging experiences and had become withdrawn and despondent to the point where I was questioning his quality of life.

Through the course of this treatment, Lib has visited regularly and discussed Jamie’s progress at great length, enabling me to feel actively involved in the process and to take responsibility for my horse’s health and well-being.

I would highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone concerned about his or her animal’s general emotional state. Being non-invasive and completely natural, you know you can do no harm and for Jamie the results speak for themselves.

Thank you so much, Lib.


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